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Inquiries and reservations
Our prices and booking conditions

Minimum booking period is 2 nights.
Up to 7 days, one night costs 49 US$ / 45 € / 880 Mex$
From 7 days, one night costs 42 US$ / 38 € / 750 Mex$

Half of the total price must be paid in advance. With this you can be sure that we will reserve the house for you for the booked time.
If you cancel up to one week before the start of your stay, we will refund your deposit.
If you cancel later, we keep the deposit, because we can not replace the loss so quickly.
In case of we can, you will get the deposit back in full.
For questions about the house or the offers of Corzox please contact us at any time via the contact form or write us an Email: info@casa-mahe.com
Calle 17 396
97336 Chelem
Yucatán, Mexico
We are looking forward to your request and wish you a wonderful stay in our house in Chelem.

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